Introduction to JC Economics Tuition Centre

Are you a JC student looking for the best economics tuition in Singapore? Do you find economics to be a daunting subject, especially if it is new to you? Look no further than JC Economics Tuition Centre, established in 2012 by one of Singapore’s best economics tutors, Anthony Fok. At our centre, we aim to help students find interest in economics and excel in their examinations.

Our principal tutor, Anthony Fok, is a former Ministry of Education school teacher with extensive experience in teaching economics. With his expertise, he ensures that every lesson is effective and enjoyable for students. He provides seamless delivery of subject content and equips students with the necessary answering techniques, allowing them to write mature arguments with economic principles and draw connections between real-world economics situations. As one of the best economics tutors in Singapore, Anthony Fok has helped numerous students excel in economics and progress to prestigious universities.

We understand the stress and pressure that students face in their promotional and A-level examinations, especially with the overwhelming amount of content to study. Therefore, as one of the best economics tuition centres in Singapore, we have designed Intensive Revision Programmes for both JC1 and JC2 students. These programmes are specially tailored to cover all important topics in the syllabus and develop skills to answer higher response questions in examinations. Students will learn how to apply effective strategies to answer various question types and avoid common mistakes during the economics examinations. Our lessons aim to help students master their critical and analytical skills, allowing them to ace their economics examinations.

We currently have three conveniently located centres in Bishan, Tampines, and Bukit Timah. As one of the best economics tuition centre in Singapore, we welcome students from all over the island. Come join us and enroll in our economics tuition today!