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Dr Fok is a very passionate and caring tutor and he has definitely helped me through my H2 Econs revision. Despite being busy himself, he would always reply to the questions I have sent via Whatsapp, even if it was late at night. He provides feedback on my work and never fails to explain the concepts simply and concisely. Dr Fok is very knowledgeable and I highly recommend his lessons 🙂
Yishun Innova Junior College
“I joined jc econs tuition with a lot of basic conceptual errors but Dr Fok was able to rectify most if not all of them quickly during lessons in a very engaging and succinct manner. If i had any questions while doing work or revising outside of lesson times, he would also reply promptly on whatsapp. I also appreciated how the notes and resources provided by Dr Fok were concise and covered all the important marking points and evaluative points that helped me improve my econs :)”
Shania Tan
River Valley High School
“had rly fun & engaging lessons & it rly helped me improve my knowledge of econs!! thank u dr fok fr always helping me and the rest of us whenever we text u/in class and for being our support every step of the way:) u rly made econs seem a lot easier and more bearable to learn.. LOL:”) thanks for the fruitful lessons, stories and the constant nagging HAHA they rly helped me remember alot of things:D i appreciate u!”
Lauren Lim
St. Andrew's Junior College
“dr fok is an amazing econs tutor!!! i joined him after my myes when i got a U and since then, i’ve been getting consistent As for econs for 2 years straight!! his notes are very precise & really helped a lot 😁😁 10/10 would recommend!!!”
Kyllis Goh
Jurong Pioneer Junior College
“Extremely caring and powerful econs tutor. Very helpful in terms of providing guidelines to essays as well as unique evaluative points to beef your essay. Notes are comprehensive and stacked with insightful points. Highly recommend!”
Ethan Chua
“Dr Fok is an excellent and hardworking teacher and his classes allowed me to vastly improve in Economics.”
Jurong Pioneer Junior College
“Dr fok provides engaging and informative economics lesson. the notes are concise and have valuable evaluation points that can help to score A grades. really enjoyed my time there as a student.”
Wen Xuan
Tampines Meridian Junior College
The econs lessons were extremely helpful for me and my grades improved a lot ever since I came here. Dr Fok really helped to make econs lessons fun and entertaining which really made me enjoy learning the subject. He will also make the effort to look through your work and give constructive feedback as to how to improve. Would highly recommend!!
Alden Ong
Raffles Institution
Dr Fok is super professional in teaching Econs and he helped me to improve my econs in a short amount of time! His lessons are really interesting and engaging, and he’s patient in answering my questions both offline and online:) Ng Shi Ying ( ‘I love Dr. Fok's Economics lessons. He has helped me get from a 'D' grade in JC1 to an 'A' grade for Prelims in JC2. Highly recommend to students who are struggling with understanding econs!”
Bryan Ng
Hwa Chong Institution
“This tuition centre helped me incredibly during my time in Junior College. The teacher is very supportive and puts in a great amount of effort to teach students and help them clarify their misunderstandings. The resources provided are more than sufficient, and are very helpful.”
Vaibhav Sharma
Raffles Institution
“dr fok is a very understanding tutor and is always open to helping his students. he makes learning econs extremely enjoyable and much more easier to understand.”
Catholic Junior College
“Anthony Fok provides lots of materials and examples to digest, and really beats the concepts into your head until you remember them by heart. He is also kind, caring and very down to earth, a friendly person to talk with.”
Max Tan
National Junior College
“Very interesting lessons, the content taught is very useful. Dr Fok also answers questions in a very helpful and concise manner.”
Yu Qing
Hwa Chong Institution
“Dr Fok is one of the best econs teachers around, he makes things easy to understand and lessons fun to sit through!! His way of teaching reaches beyond the subject, too, and he's a very good mentor, not just another tuition teacher.”
Sarah Zhao
Hwa Chong Institution
“The best teacher I've ever met. He gives very detailed notes which explains everything in a very in-depth manner. Also constantly repeats the same content so you will definitely remember everything needed by the time A levels is here. Gives a lot of extra lessons to go through answering techniques and answer format/scheme or many schools in order to expose us to many question types. A teacher who does his best to teach us is a teacher worth learning from so I definitely recommend everyone to learn econs from Dr Anthony Fok. Evidence that he really puts his heart into teaching us econs is really how he waived fees for extra lessons (about $440 per month) during Covid-19 for people who can't afford it and still lets us attend his extra lessons. I mean...what more can I say. Best teacher ever!”
Chng Guang Ze
Victoria Junior College

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